Ripping Yarns

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"If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?"

- bellamy brothers

This is Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down to 33 rpm from 45 rpm. The result is simply mesmerising. The song becomes a haunting plea. The rhythmic instrumentation is more prominent and helps hold the song together. Worth a listen

Tomorrow never knows- the song that killed Beatlemania

The Beatles final song from their Revolver album contains teasing and curious lyrics. The lyrics come from Lennon at the crux of the Beatles’ spiritual awakening and I suspect they carry more meaning and a deeper meaning at that than any of their previous efforts. To support the lyrics is a harrison inspired swirl of psychedelic Indian instruments playing a constant droning C. On top theres high pitched haunting wails, rumoured to be McCartney’s laugh in reverse at double speed, and an unusual but regular drum beat from Ringo. Its a wonderfully intriguing piece to listen to, unfortunately i can only imagine what it would have been like to listen to in 1966, for this was the first time people would have heard the sounds on that track. There was simply no other sound like it on any record anywhere beforehand. The song paves the way for the imminent psychedelic cultural movement of the time and provides a deeper insight into the Beatles’ minds than previously possible, perhaps due to the fact the Beatles’ minds were deepening with their ever increasing interest in psychedelic drugs, LSD in particular. At the same time of Revolver’s release the Beatles ceased touring, not playing any revolver song on the final tour. The Revolver album, in particular Tomorrow Never Knows, killed off Beatlemania and firmly put them into the next, studio orientated, phase of their career, the phase which had been initiated in Rubber Soul and culminated in the psychedelic, ear deceiving, studio masterpiece that was the flower power Sgt Peppers album. Tomorrow Never Knows is a song that changed popular music.